Niswey Becomes Terminus’s First Partner Outside of North America

May 16, 2018 by Nilanjana Dey

NEW DELHI, INDIA, 10th May, 2018: Niswey, an inbound marketing and account based marketing service company, announced its partnership with Terminus, the leading account-based marketing (ABM) platform, thus becoming the first Terminus partner to be signed up outside of North America. With this partnership in place, Niswey adds tremendous power to its ABM services, as Terminus enables B2B marketers to target accounts, engage decision-makers, and accelerate marketing and sales pipeline velocity at scale.

Nearly two years ago, Niswey started seeing interest in leveraging ABM among its clients. Niswey took baby steps back then, learning how to go about executing an ABM strategy, and having conversations with clients and prospects. Niswey has been executing ABM plans for clients since then.

Abhinav Sahai, COO, Niswey, said, “We decided to partner with an industry-leading platform like Terminus to deliver better and more efficient services to our clients. Not only is Terminus among the best in the domain, it packs in a host of integrations and partnerships such as HubSpot, LinkedIn and Bombora. All this help in delivering the real results that B2B companies focused on enterprises are looking for.”

With this partnership, Niswey has again partnered with the best in the segment. Nearly two years ago, Niswey became a partner for HubSpot, the best inbound marketing automation platform available.

Niswey has always believed in staying ahead of the curve, whether in delivering innovative solutions for its clients, or utilizing the next generation tools, or building the right culture to enable high potential marketers and technologists.

Niswey has also been rated among the top 10 SEO and PPC agencies by Clutch, a B2B research, ratings, and reviews firm. In both these categories, Niswey emerged the clear leader in terms of the “ability to deliver” metric. Based solely on client reviews and feedback, Niswey came in 1st and 2nd position for PPC management and SEO respectively.

About Niswey

Niswey is a digital marketing firm based in New Delhi, India. Niswey specializes in offering B2B inbound marketing solutions and account based marketing services. Niswey has also built the HubSpot-WhatsApp integration and some other products for the HubSpot ecosystem.

Among Niswey’s key services clients are Srijan Technologies, BenQ, ResMed, Qapitol QA, Precision Marketing Group, Drupal India Association and Grow Digitally. The Niswey team comprises a diverse mix of professionals – trained as writers, graphics designers, engineers, UX specialists, inbound marketing specialists and more.

Niswey is a HubSpot (NYSE: HUBS) partner, the leading inbound marketing platform as well as a partner of Terminus, the leading ABM tool. For more information, please visit