5 Steps to a Successful YouTube Strategy by Amy Schmittauer

September 11, 2015 by Anubhav Tiwari

Amy Schmittauer of the popular video blog Savvy Sexy Social shared the 5 crucial steps to building a successful video strategy that not only creates brand awareness but will keep your target customer hooked!

The session was covered brilliantly by Sue B. Zimmerman on Periscope. And this is how it all started…with smiles 🙂

I followed the session on Periscope and tried to pull out the best from the best. The 5 steps that Amy mentioned were:

1. YouTube Goals:
How to Measure What Actually Matters
2. Addictive Video:
Format That Keeps Them Coming Back For More
3. What To Talk About:
How to Never Have A Blank Slate
4. Optimize Optimize Optimize:
 The Most Critical Steps for Better SEO
5. Community:
How to Manage the Most Loyal Audience on the Internet  

If I were to pull out the most valuable pointers from this session, they would be as below:

Develop a Valuable Editorial Plan

1. Give the people what they want!
2. Audience Retention is the most critical metric
3. Stay consistent with the format and expectations

Understand the Branding Structure of YouTube

1. Be consistent with your posts – Schedule!
2. Use Predictable themes
3. Focus on connection through familiarity

Get your Audience hooked

1. Always consider the context of platform you are choosing – it’s not important to be omnipresent
2. Plan your content with a view towards keeping your channel targeted and audience oriented
3. Define the consistent setting for your channel
4. Timing of the posts is everything – Plan in advance if you can.

Clear and Aligned CTAs

1. Give value and ask for relative return
2. Your audience wants to do something with what you have shared

  Amy mentioned that the most important fields for YouTube are Headline, Description and Tags:

Give Double Thought to Your YouTube ‘Description’ field:

1. First 2 lines are critical because they also reflect in Google Search Results
2. All characters have equal weight in search rankings

Choose an Apt Headline and…

1. Keep the keyword in first 4-5 words
2. Avoid series name and episode numbers in headlines
3. Consider your completion and keep it simple

How to Get Content Ideas

1. Use your theme to guide editorial design
2. There are no stupid questions, only in-demand content
3. Listen to your audience

Follow The YouTube Video Formula to Get the Best of Your Videos

1. Subject First
2. Loyalty Treatment
3. A Second Rule
4. Super Short Title Sequences
5. Factor Time to Close,
6. Verbalize Your CTA
7. 2-3 Mins Max

Youtube Formula explained by Amy in the session, find it here.

Amy also explained how The Social Funnel works and why you should include that in your marketing strategy.


Image Courtesy: http://savvysexysocial.com/

Complete Presentation here:

Youtube Broadcast of the presentation here:

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