Why (and How) You Should Wish Your Online Audience

February 8, 2016 by Rajat Taneja

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”
— Oprah Winfrey

Some months ago, Daizy and I observed the hashtag #NationalBurgerDay trending on Twitter.

Watching the timeline, I realized how so many brands frequently celebrate these special days with their audiences. By the time I could share this with Daizy, she had already crafted our own version for the day.


Every business needs #marketing to hold things together. 😉 #NationalBurgerDay

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Though Niswey has got nothing to do with burgers (as yet), being able to wish our audience on such a day excited us! We soon started designing graphics for all the days we wished to celebrate with everyone.

While some graphic ideas came with ease, some took a dozen iterations. Sometimes, a complete overhaul. One such instance was during the making of the Dussehra graphic.


Celebrating the victory of good over evil. #HappyDussehra #Content #Vijayadashmi A photo posted by Niswey (@niswey) on


Dussehra is an Indian festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil. Though Nilanjana had made those three evil faces look as cute as possible, we were not able to bring Anubhav’s brilliant idea to life. Fortunately, our discussions caught Akhil’s attention and we were able to finalize the graphic, just a day before Dussehra! It also turned out to be one of our favorite graphics at Niswey.

The above graphic was also one of the reasons that motivated Amita to apply for a Digital Marketing role at Niswey. And once she joined, she came out with that subtle “Good things take time” tagline for the Anti-Corruption Day graphic. You could call it the Curious Case of Celebratory Creatives!


While some of our graphics were about digital marketing or one of its various aspects: Ads, Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media, etc…


An art that we heart. #Marketing #WorldHeartDay

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…some graphics were more about the festival, with a spoonful of digital icing.

On some days, we wanted our graphics to have the “Niswey touch” in a subtle way…


Websites that don’t bring relevant traffic are as good as dead. #HappyHalloween #Pumpkin #Halloween ?

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…and sometimes the celebrations were in-house, but we wanted to celebrate with everyone!


Happiness never decreases from being shared. I personally love Suma’s blog “Knowiz is 10!” that was shared with the graphic. Describing an organization’s history of 10 years in just 10 lines is nothing less than art!

For the New Year graphic, we wanted to try something new (obviously). So we decided to go with handwritten content instead, which instantly connected with our well wishers!


We would definitely try out newer ideas and ways of implementation this year. But the intent remains the same: Celebrating these special days with as much joy, both offline and online!

And it’s not just single graphic designs that you could create to wish your audience. There can be week-long campaigns too. Here’s the 12 Days of Christmas campaign we finished this December.

PS: At Niswey, we believe in ‘intent.’ So, if you really intend to wish your audience, don’t let the absence of a graphic designer stop you. Once you come up with a fun or witty or simply heartfelt way to convey your wishes, the ‘medium’ of conveying could be anything you choose. You can always wish them with a generic graphic. You can also  wish them through short written content or even with photographs of how you celebrated the occasion.