Account Based Marketing in HubSpot: New Features in Marketing Hub Enterprise

January 22, 2020 by Suma EP

Back in 2016, Niswey took its first steps with Account Based Marketing when one of our key clients shifted their focus from mid-size companies to enterprises. Inbound marketing had worked well for them thus far, generating hundreds of leads from the website. But with the decision to focus on enterprises, all of us agreed that inbound marketing wouldn’t be enough going forward. There had to be an account based approach as well.

As marketing automation and sales enablement started becoming a pressing need for the client, HubSpot became the platform of choice to adopt, after a few trials and errors with other tools. And as Niswey started to align more and more with the sales team, and not just the marketing team, HubSpot usage increased. We worked around with HubSpot Marketing features, whipped up a dashboard that would give us account scores, based on the lead scores. We worked with personalized landing pages. It was not an easy way to do ABM, but we tried to make it work.

And when, a few days ago, HubSpot announced ABM features coming into its Marketing Hub Enterprise 2020 version, the ABM team at Niswey got mighty excited! Because with these new features, HubSpot has truly emerged as a platform for the enterprise. And it can easily stand up to competition, because it is a full-fledged platform, with hubs that cater to Sales, Marketing and Service, working off a common CRM. The other tools that cater to ABM require you to integrate them with sales tools and CRMs, which increase the learning curve of a sales and marketing team manifold.

What a way to start 2020!

ABM Features in HubSpot

So if you’re looking to start your ABM program, we will highly recommend you choose HubSpot. Why? Here are some great features:

There are default ABM properties in HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise. You can set up

  • target accounts
  • define ideal customer profile tiers
  • set up buyer roles (influencer, point of contact, decision maker, etc)

– With this ABM list, you can run nurturing workflows and targeted ads. You can integrate apps that enable enrichment of your account data. 

– You can do company-wise scoring, and not just contact-based scoring. And you can have negative and positive parameters as well.

– There are ABM playbooks, ABM sales templates and sequences for the sales teams.

– And of course, you get ABM reporting and ABM dashboards as well.

All of this is out of the box, at no extra costs! 

New Features in HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise

Also announced are some other new features of account based marketing in HubSpot that will help marketers no end.

Multi-touch attribution: Before you say, Marketo does that using Bizible, we just want you to pause and see what that really means: paying extra for a new platform that has a new interface, and you have to move data across the two tools. Not with HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise. This has been built as a feature native to the tool! As Nicholas Holland, General Manager of Marketing Hub at HubSpot puts it, “HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise has the most elegant multi-touch attribution solution in the market.” 

There are multiple models you can choose from, based on the revenue attribution credit you want to give to the different stages of a lead. 

Partitioning: If your teams are growing, or you have different sales and marketing teams, you will want to give them their contacts, accounts, content, blogs, landing pages, workflows and so on separated, partitioned off from the rest. In HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise, now you can do this! Perfect for large enterprises with different teams for different geos/services, and different accounts list to pursue. 

So do you have to pay an arm and a leg to get this feature, as you have to with other enterprise marketing tools? Of course not, it’s part of HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise!

Single sign-on makes its debut. And so does adaptive testing. This means that as a marketer you focus on building out variants for testing, and let HubSpot’s machine learning do the rest. All the tedious work is removed.

ABM and a host of other really powerful features, now in HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise. What are you waiting for? 

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