Bringing Personality to Brands with Bozoma Saint John at INBOUND17

September 28, 2017 by Boris Poonia

With the third day of INBOUND17 in full flight, we were excited for the agenda for the day. One session that we were particularly interested in was the Bozoma Saint John Spotlight. We’d previously also been blown away by her keynote at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference, so we knew we were in for something special.

Currently the Chief Branding Officer at Uber, Bozoma is responsible for ensuring consumers love Uber’s brand as much as they love Uber’s service. She’s developed a reputation in the industry as a marketing and advertising wizard. And she has the work experience to back it.

There was a lot of excitement to see Bozoma and it was evident.

Then the show got on the road. She started off by elaborating a bit about how brands are like people.

Why bias is sometimes necessary:

After talking about how bias is important, she went on to share a little bit of her past experiences:

And enlightening us about her approach to everything in life:

Further, she gave some pretty insightful pointers on how to bring personality to brands, looking at it from the perspective of the brain, trying to appeal to both the emotional side and the rational side.

In the end, she left us with a final piece of motivation, direct from her Instagram page:

A magnificent Spotlight session by a truly unique personality, Bozoma’s talk left everyone with a sense of inclusion as she shared her life stories as well as some much-needed insight about her approach to branding. After keeping the audience mesmerized for the entire 30 minutes, we expect she’ll probably be remembered as the best storyteller at INBOUND17.

You can watch her entire keynote here:

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