Social Media Campaign from a Christmas Carol?

January 29, 2016 by Daizy Jain

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; well, not really, it was around the start of December. Around the time when singing Christmas carols is totally acceptable and something you can actually do in public.

Hence, without a hint of shame, I started singing “12 days of Christmas” rather loudly and like any other Christmas carol, this got stuck in my head. Every morning I’d wake up and sing 12 days of Christmas. It does have a catchy tune, and as I’m typing this it’s still playing in my head.

So one fine December morning, I started talking about the 12 days of Christmas carol at Niswey. We got to talking about the Christmas spirit of spreading love and the joy of giving.

That’s when it clicked. You know the feeling you get when an idea enters everyone’s mind at the same time and every face phases out thinking of their own versions of “what if’s?” We all got to thinking that we should probably dive head first into the spirit of Christmas. Turn 12 days of Christmas into 12 days of giving and spreading love. After all one of Niswey’s finest values is joy.

After a ton of brainstorming and whiteboarding, we came up with our own social media campaign: 12 Days of Christmas. We decided to start a countdown towards Christmas while giving away something that had to do with Digital Marketing. But how do we create a whole campaign around it in such a short time? With the holidays just around the corner, we needed to think fast. The team at Niswey is all about taking up a challenge and this opportunity was perfect. So, challenge accepted!

We had already been in conversation about making fresh characters for Niswey and figured this would be a great opportunity to try out something completely different. Our in-house Picasso, Anubhav, sketched up a cute little character for the campaign.

Now the biggest challenge was to figure out what to give away for 12 days that would provide value to anyone and everyone. Since our broader theme was Digital Marketing, we decided to give out resources that had something to do with Digital Marketing. Be it a pdf regarding 10 Digital Marketing Mistakes, or a goldmine of free design resources. We paired up each day with a certain gift. For example, on Day One we gifted our readers with a blog that talked about Customer Oneness, for Day Four we gifted four websites with free design resources and so on and so forth.

After an exciting day of brainstorming, we had a list of resources to gift and a cute little character all packaged up. We did learn one thing, that an idea can pop-up anytime, what matters is how well you execute it.