How to Be a Digital Marketing Pro: Guide and Resources

May 31, 2015 by Abhinav Sahai

Time and again I’ve been asked this question. So when I answered this once again earlier today, I thought I’d just put down whatever I feel is essential. Here’s a guide to becoming a pro at digital marketing, and accelerating your inbound marketing efforts!

You should start off with SEO. At least the basics are necessary.

SEO basics you must know:

Website redesign:

Email Marketing basics:

Social Media Basics:

Then some Social Media metrics stuff:

Planning your social media calendar:

Read the below blogs on an ongoing basis: – Social Media – Facebook Marketing – This blog is not updated now, but most of the posts, especially under the social media category, are still relevant – Social Media – Digital Marketing – Digital Marketing – Digital Marketing – SEO – SEO – Adwords / PPC (Pay Per Click) – Landing page optimization – Web Analytics – Web Analytics

Tools List: – SEO/Social Media Tools list that you will find handy

Digital Marketing libraries, templates, guides: – Make sure you checkout the Guides section on the right column

This last set (Blogs on an ongoing basis) is actually the key to continuous learning, so it would be a good idea will be to subscribe to all of them.

While there are lots of other good blogs also available, I’ve found following the above ones mostly do the job. Anyway, if some topic from another blog is really kicking ass, it will somehow find its way on your Twitter/Facebook timeline – so no need to worry.

Having said that, please do share if you feel I’ve missed an important resource.

Happy learning!