#FlipMyFunnel: Account Based Success Stories

August 8, 2018 by Suma EP

What are the key steps for Account-Based Success? That’s the topic on which Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst, TOPO spoke at #FlipMyFunnel 2018.

Call it account based marketing or sales or success or everything. But it has to have 5 key things: Target high value accounts; Run intelligence-driven programs; Enable valuable and authentic buyer experiences; Orchestrate high frequency/high effort outreach; and Account centric measurement.

It’s not enough to get the purchase order, focus on lifetime value.

Things look hard. But they don’t have to be, but they will take time.

Craig’s co-presenters, Sol Wenrich and Travis Dobbin, from Conductor talked about their Account based success story.

And the measurement?

But the advice is to keep it simple.

And the last word?

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