Get Your Agency’s S**T Together by Marisa Smith at INBOUND15

September 10, 2015 by Abhinav Sahai

It was a talk for Inbound partners. Marisa Smith, Founder & CEO, The Whole Brain Group, spoke about how agencies can improve their performance, and gave live examples by sharing her story.

Her talk consisted of:

  • A Little History (Where she was)
  • The Inspiration (What kept her going)
  • The Journey (What she does, everyday)
  • The Results (2012 vs Now)
  • The Resources (Which we can use too)

Under those headers she shared about the importance of values and why it’s important to communicate them; the right team members; and the ideal client profile.


Shared Ideal Client Profile – good stuff at @wholebrainprez session #Inbound15

  The most important point according to me:

Here’s what attendees said:

  And to sum it up, Dennis Kardys at it again:

You can view the entire presentation and get links to resources Marisa mentioned from The Whole Brain Group website’s Inbound15 Page.

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