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Abhinav Sahai


B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange: Sangram Vajre’s Keynote

It’s my second time in Boston attending the FlipMyFunnel conference, which is now under the banner of B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange this year. Last
MozCon 2017

MozCon 2017 : Our Key Takeaways

Hello there, we are excited to announce that this year we got a chance to attend the famous MozCon event in Seattle. And there was absolutely a lot
marketing management

Marketing Management: Get the Best Out of Your Marketing Team

Business leaders are busy people. They have a lot on their plate at any given time. If they have hired an agency to handle digital marketing or

A Typical Niswey-Client Meeting

Venue: The clients’ conference room. Attendees: Client team: CEO, Tech Architect, UX Lead, Sales Manager. Niswey: Strategy lead, Content Strategist

A High Five for Niswey’s Five Years!

“It’s been 5 years, where’s your blog post?,” asked Rajat. If you know Rajat, he won’t take No for an answer and lo, here’s my post on my five years

What We Learnt in 2015

The growth of any organization is dependent on its value system. If the organization fails to adhere to its own values, the chances of its growth

Role of Leaders in a Flat Organization

Sometime back Buffer wrote on their blog what they got wrong about self management. In the blog they had explained how they implemented a flat

12 Resources for Social Media Marketing Enthusiasts

A couple of decades ago, Marketing was synonymous with Advertising. Today, Digital Marketing is synonymous with Social Media Marketing, for most of
understanding user behavior leadin wordpress plugin review

Understanding User Behavior: LeadIn Review

“Where did that lead come from?” “What should I do to engage my users?” “Is the person applying for this position really interested in our company?”