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May 20, 2015
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May 20, 2015 Abhinav Sahai

Today was the 2nd edition of our Analytics Hackthon. Just to clarify, we don’t write code but instead solve real analytics problems’. Actually, we use this opportunity to get everyone more comfortable with analytics tools and more importantly, get them to implement the learnings in their daily activities – be it email marketing, content writing, SEO, social media or even sales. Thus, become data-driven in our heads and eventually, a better data-driven marketing company!
Just like our previous hackathon, this time also everyone was split into teams and were given a real problem to solve. While I cannot share the exact problem statement or its solutions (due to confidential client data) what I can share and which is more interesting to know is that, this time, the solution did not lie in the tool, it was with technology. It was like “the answer is not in the box, it’s in the bag” – a dialog from one of my favorite movie, Antitrust. What personally overwhelmed me was that both teams were able to crack it – despite having no knowledge about where to look for the solution. What it ensured is that people were doing what they were expected to do – think outside the box and go beyond the horizon in search of solutions.
While the primary objective of these analytics hackathons is that we explore the tools more and understand its capabilities to get better results, the other unsaid objective is that how can we exercise our brain in order to think beyond the data that is made available to us. After today’s hackathon, I must confess, I was thrilled! We’re building a great practice and in the process, ensuring we become better data-driven marketers. Kudos to the team!

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