How HubSpot+WhatsApp for Healthcare Can Boost Your Sales

July 24, 2020 by Anoushka Mudgil

In early 2015, when Zika virus spread in South America, using WhatsApp for healthcare communication became the need of the hour. By the end of year, 90% of physicians in Brazil were communicating with their patients on WhatsApp.

And now when the whole world is caught up in the Covid-19 pandemic, sales in the healthcare industry are again leaning on WhatsApp around the world. 

With good reason too. It has over 2 billion users, delivers great convenience, is high speed and has reliable security. WhatsApp is now becoming the go-to channel for healthcare professionals—especially in South America, Europe, and Asia. 

If you and your team use WhatsApp for activities such as selling your healthcare offerings, or providing customer support, you would have seen the high conversion and response rate. The only challenge is that there is no way to track the conversations that your reps are having with prospects and customers. 

Also, when you’re having WhatsApp conversations on the phone, it is hard to keep track of other activities—sending emails, creating and managing tickets, and updating important information in the CRM.

HubSpot gives you the tracking and reporting power, while WhatsApp gives your sales and support teams the speed they need. Since, you and your teams need both, you need a tool that allows WhatsApp integration with HubSpot CRM.

Niswey’s HubSpot+WhatsApp integration tool not only enables you to log your WhatsApp messages on HubSpot, it also helps you track, monitor, and manage the WhatsApp conversations that your reps are having with your prospects. 

Boost Your Sales with WhatsApp for Healthcare

This integration fulfills two crucial needs for sales: efficient tracking and superfast communication. It shortens your sales cycle and increases the lead conversion rate. 

With the help of our integration, you can have all your interactions—from subscribing to your email to tickets created for their queries to WhatsApp conversations—at a single place, that is, on the contact timelines in HubSpot. 

Since you would be tracking every single lead and having highly responsive conversations through the integration, your sales graph is going to look very healthy!

sales target 2020 achieved

Find out more about how the HubSpot+WhatsApp integration tool helped Anahuac Mayab University achieve their sales targets for 2020!

Win the Trust of Your Customers

Acquiring a new customer costs five times than retaining an old customer. So it is crucial to keep your customers happy by solving their problems quicker.

Your customers would feel more comfortable and satisfied with your service if you choose their favorite channel of communication, WhatsApp, for conversations. And with HubSpot features, you can track the status of their problem-solving and send them updates.

The WhatsApp HubSpot integration tool allows you to create and send unlimited templated messages. Thus helping your customer support team to answer FAQs and common queries. 

Sell More Insurance Policies, Faster!

COVID-19 has created panic across the world and severely impacted many industries. But as a part of the health insurance industry, you are among the select few who have the great fortune to serve people now. 

Now, more than ever, people want to buy more health insurance and that too quickly. All they need is your agile guidance and support. The team that can answer queries fast and comprehensively will win. And that’s what you need to enable your team to do.

Using Niswey’s HubSpot+WhatsApp integration, you can effectively track your sales conversations and help your insurance agents communicate with their prospects more efficiently, thus reaching their targets faster!

Empower your WhatsApp Chatbot

Medium and large healthcare brands are leveraging chatbots for regular tasks—such as symptom assessments, choosing appropriate specialists, booking appointments, communicating lab reports, and payment processing. These chatbots save a great deal of time and resources.

You can also use Niswey’s HubSpot integration with WhatsApp solution in chatbots if you have a WhatsApp API. It enables you to send automated WhatsApp messages, apart from manual replies. And regardless of whether you are using a chatbot or replying manually, the conversation with your prospects would be tracked on HubSpot.

At the time when healthcare professionals are relying on WhatsApp for sales, and rapid customer support has become crucial, HubSpot+WhatsApp integration is rapidly emerging as the one-stop tool that you need to aid your business growth.




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