12-Month Digital
Strategy Roadmap

Chart your course to achieving your annual growth
goals, with a highly actionable digital marketing roadmap,
specifically crafted for your business.

Are You on the Dreaded Plateau?

So you have your website in place, with a few lead forms sprinkled throughout. You run a few ad campaigns on Google and Facebook, and send out a few email campaigns a month. But it’s just not working out as you expected - not enough leads, at not enough speed.

Do these scenarios ring a bell?

You Need a Hard Refresh

Your current marketing strategy doesn't cut it anymore. You've got some solid tactics in there that work wonders but overall, it doesn't work in the evolving market landscape. You know that you need a fresh set of eyes, with cross-industry experience, that can help you capitalise on the right growth opportunities.

You are Too Zoomed-In

You are deep in the trenches, tweaking a workflow here and a landing page there, ensuring that the current marketing efforts bring in the leads. But you have missed out on the big picture. You haven't had the time to evaluate your overall marketing strategy, let alone create a new and improved version.

You Need a Jumpstart

You've just taken over the marketing function, done a preliminary audit, and know that you need an overhaul. You want to strengthen the basics, and experiment with new strategies. But the breadth of it all is too overwhelming! You want a set course of action that can help you jump-start the process.

Get the 12-Month Digital Marketing Roadmap

If any of the above scenarios feel familiar, you're on the right page. Get a detailed 12-month strategy that analyzes your
current position, distills your key growth objectives, and gives you the exact next steps to elevate your
digital marketing strategy
to hit your goals.

The digital marketing roadmap meticulously documents:

Where You Are

  • Business Overview
  • Market Overview
  • ICP and Persona Documentation

Where You Want to Get To

  • Defined Marketing Goals

How to Get There

  • Persona-based Marketing Messaging
  • Website Audit and Recommendations
  • Competition Research and Recommendations
  • High-level Digital Marketing Strategy
  • SEO Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • 3-month Content Calendar
  • 2-3 Sample Campaigns
  • Paid Media Strategy
  • Social Media Audit and Strategy
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Lead Management Strategy
  • Reporting
  • Marketing Processes

Digital Marketing Roadmap - Sample Download


Time to Take Off From the Plateau

With the 12-month strategy roadmap, you have a set of documented insights and next steps for a full year. As you set things in motion and execute each step, watch your marketing flywheel gain momentum, with:

Digital Marketing Roadmap  - Laser-Focused Strategies

Laser-Focused Strategies

Leverage your in-depth documented ICP, personas, and carefully crafted marketing messaging and strategies to impact the right audience

Digital Marketing Roadmap - Optimized Processes

Optimized Processes

From SEO and content to website and lead management, optimize everything with industry-standard best practices, but customized just enough for your needs

Digital Marketing Roadmap - Standardized Reporting

Standardized Reporting

Set yourself up for success with the right reporting dashboards, that continuously measure and enhance the impact of your marketing strategies

How We Create Your Strategy Roadmap

Our process for crafting your 12-month digital marketing roadmap is designed to be highly collaborative, involving key
stakeholders in the discovery and final hand-off. And in between, we bring into play our experience of building
and executing ROI-driven digital strategies across diverse industries, for different-sized businesses.


Digital Strategy Roadmap Process

Add-Ons to Your Strategy Roadmap

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines

Bring consistency across your marketing touchpoints with a
well-documented brand guide.

Digital Marketing Audit

Digital Marketing Audit

Identify the gaps in your digital marketing strategy and get
actionable recommendations

HubSpot Audit

HubSpot Audit

Get a third-party evaluation of
your HubSpot set-up, to identify opportunities to leverage it better

Our Happily Ever Afters...

Our clients believe in us. And here’s why you should too.


The lead quality is more in line with the kinds of clients we want to engage with. We’re receiving around 20-30 leads per month, and we’re having a couple of positive conversations at least once a week. Niswey is good at making suggestions about what our options are even if we’re still working to define a target. They are trustworthy, as well as consistent, and they always deliver on time.

Michael Cannon
Chief Revenue Officer, Axelerant


As a software startup creating a B2B Saas product, I was brand new to the world of inbound marketing, SEO, and other content related areas. I needed to become an expert really fast to scale my employee engagement platform, Journey. Suma and her team were able to work with my dreams and ideas and convert them into SMART (specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic, and time based ) actions that I could easily implement.

Deepa Kartha
Founder and CEO, Zinda.xyz

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