Niswey Hosts HUG Event on Advanced Lead Scoring & Workflows

April 8, 2022 by Simran Sakshi

New Delhi, India – 8 April 2022: Niswey, an India-based martech company, recently hosted an event on HubSpot Lead Scoring and Workflows for HubSpot users on 6th April. It was attended by 80+ marketing and sales professionals from firms across and beyond the Delhi NCR region. 

Since 2019, Niswey has been hosting HubSpot Users Group (HUG) events every quarter. They have hosted 12 events to date for the growing community of HubSpot users in Delhi NCR. Some of their previous topics range from HubSpot Product Announcements, Hacks, Inbound Recaps to Conversational Marketing, Reporting, Integrations, and Sales & Marketing Automation in HubSpot! 

The objective of a HUG event is to educate HubSpot users and customers and help them connect with one another. Presently, selected HubSpot partners host HUGs in over 150+ cities to benefit the local HubSpot user community. For Delhi NCR, Niswey COO Abhinav Sahai has consistently been the HUG Leader since 2019.

Key Session on HubSpot Lead Scoring 

This time around, Sidharth Manchanda, Customer Success Specialist at Niswey, was the key speaker at the event.


His session on Advanced Lead Scoring and Workflows’ covered:

  • How to set up multiple lead scoring properties across objects in HubSpot
  • Showcase advanced lead scoring and workflows used by organizations that Niswey assisted
  • How to set up complex HubSpot workflows for different use cases

The idea was to help businesses leverage HubSpot to set up advanced lead scoring that would enable sales teams to go after only the highly engaged accounts. 

HubSpot allows lead scoring not just for contacts in the CRM, but also for companies and deals as a whole. And Sidharth was able to demonstrate how to utilize it for the sales and marketing professionals attending the virtual event, as well as share some of the HubSpot lead scoring best practices to keep in mind. 

Setting up Advanced HubSpot Workflows

Moving on, Sidharth also demonstrated certain HubSpot workflow examples where one could automate actions like changing property values, rotating contact between owners, and setting up HubSpot automation workflows with time delay.


The discussion was then followed by a lively Q&A session with the attendees asking queries about lead scoring and HubSpot workflows to the key speaker.

All in all, the event was a successful one with huge participation from sales and marketing professionals online.

You can also become a part of this awesome community. Subscribe to the New Delhi HUG page. And if you are looking to revisit the session, here's where you can sign up and watch the webinar on-demand! Or you could catch a glimpse of the presentation below.


Niswey, a HubSpot Elite Solutions Partner, can help you start or aid in your journey with HubSpot! Just drop an email to business [at] niswey [dot] com.