Street Journos Podcast Features Abhinav Sahai, COO Niswey

June 3, 2019 by Simran Sakshi

New Delhi, India – 3 June, 2019: The maiden episode of the Street Journos’ podcast features Abhinav Sahai, COO at Niswey, sharing his experience of what it means to be financially independent as an entrepreneur in India. 

The Street Journos’ podcast, titled ‘Kambakht Paisa’, is designed to bring in authentic experiences from Indian entrepreneurs from different backgrounds. The show is aimed at people who are getting ready to turn their passion into a business, and need some inspiration from people who’ve actually taken the plunge. 

Abhinav Sahai is the COO of Niswey, an inbound marketing services and white label marketing services agency based in New Delhi that he founded back in 2013. He talked about his forays into entrepreneurship before that, startups and business ideas that launched and failed.

The common theme of veering away from the customary ‘engineering college to software company job’ path, and the typical Indian parents’ response to it was something that was inevitably discussed.

The hosts also focussed the discussion on the struggles of an entrepreneur, and Abhinav talked about the importance of having a support system. For people taking the risk of starting a business, the thought that you have some financial cushion and a set of friends and family members to listen to you, can be a huge help. 

And finally the episode covered what it means to be financially independent.

Breaking the myth of “funded startup = success”, Abhinav pointed out that financial independence comes when you have a sustainable business, one that won’t shut shop the moment funding stops. And that was one of the key takeaways from his session.

About Niswey

Niswey is a digital marketing firm based in New Delhi, India. Niswey specializes in offering inbound marketing solutions, account based marketing, and content marketing services. Niswey has served clients across various industries. Among its key clients have been: Intel, Yahoo, Microsoft, SHEROES, Srijan Technologies, NIIT Technologies, Motherson Invenzen XLab, Airtel and others. The Niswey team comprises a diverse mix of professionals – trained as writers, graphics designers, engineers, UX specialists, inbound marketing specialists and more.

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