Build An ABM Culture

Srijan built a winning ABM culture with a close alignment between sales and marketing teams, to achieve a 55% rise in engaged accounts.


About Srijan

Headquartered in New Delhi and with offices across 9 countries, Srijan is an IT services firm building and modernizing enterprise digital ecosystems. They are one of the largest Drupal development teams in Asia, and partner with other prominent technology solution providers like Acquia, Amazon Web Services, and APIGEE.

    Key Highlights

    Srijan built a winning ABM culture with a close alignment between sales and marketin teams, to achieve:

  • 55% rise unnique accounts reached

  • 45% of unique accounts engaged with Srijan

  • 75% of accounts engaging with long-form content

For companies that have been traditionally sales oriented or inbound marketing oriented, the account based marketing (ABM) approach can be challenging to institutionalize. It takes time, but it can happen, despite growth pangs, C-level people changes and distributed teams.

And once you do it, the gains are tremendous. Take a look what Niswey’s client, Srijan, achieved with an account based marketing strategy.

The Process

Here’s how Niswey’s client, Srijan built its award winning ABM culture from scratch.

1. Account Identification

Srijan moved away from traditional modes of marketing team building the database to simply focus on the accounts the sales team wanted to pursue.

2. Persona Mapping

Niswey mapped the key personas defined to the personas within an account. With a goal of 50% personas to be matched, the Srijan team achieved mapping of 35% of the contacts.

Niswey also conducted exhaustive interviews with existing customers, going through industry research reports and studying people’s Linkedin profiles to build out persona profiles.

3. Content Strategy

Each persona is mapped to a content plan. The Sales team uses this content in their follow-ups with their prospects. Niswey creates blog posts, articles and ebooks based on the experience sales reps share from their conversations with prospects.

4. Content Distribution

The Sales team uses email as their primary outreach platform. With different touch points, the ABM approach has enabled the Sales team to engage  dormant accounts via advertising, PR and webinars to position thought leadership among the accounts.

5. Reporting

The entire ABM program is kept under detailed monitoring, and ensures that the team is focused at the account level. This is combined with analysis of individual contact behavior in terms of content consumed, engagement touchpoints etc, to determine additional needs and interest, and engage them further along those lines.

6. Alignment

Ensuring frequent and contiguous conversations was a challenge and that is addressed on an ongoing basis. The challenges included use of different tools for communication and focusing on different goals and hence different activities This has led to the creation of a single dashboard that measures account engagement, so sales and marketing are fully aligned.


The Result

The revenue gains from ABM are just the tip of the iceberg. Besides converting a high-value account, the ABM strategy also built a sustainable leads pipeline for Srijan, with highly engaged decision makers across accounts.


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