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By focussing on our own content and SEO efforts, in three months we increased organic search traffic by 70%, compared to a year ago

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About Niswey

You know us, a digital marketing firm specializing in inbound and account based marketing. We also offer solutions around martech, HubSpot services and white labeled marketing services.

Key Highlights

By focussing on our own content and SEO efforts, in three months:

  • We published 30+ valuable content pieces

  • Increased organic search traffic by 70%, compared to  year ago

  • Increase leads from the website by 600%

This company was like many other companies. Not terribly bothered about its own marketing, as there were clients to be serviced, or proposals to be sent, or new prospects to be reached out to.

Till one day, the team decided that this simply wouldn’t do. After all, they were a marketing services company—a digital one at that. If they couldn’t build their business using their own services, how could they possibly tell prospects that they could, they really could? It had become an issue of integrity.

Yes, this is our story. How we used Niswey’s inbound marketing services to grow its business.

Here’s a summary video of how we went about it.

Our website has been through one redesign, and one home page makeover in two years. The business keeps evolving, and the website needs to keep pace with it. We would push content sporadically, when the muse caught us having a free moment. We changed that overnight, once we decided that we needed to have more content… more great content. Everyone in the team wrote blogs. About what they were learning, what they felt, how they were helping clients. We had our weekly standups, peer pressure and even a gamification plan to keep us on track.

In six months, we created 30+ stories.

See the traffic:

And the leads:

We started ranking on keywords we chose to be strategic for our business.

Then we started outreach strategies. We pushed our content on relevant communities, promoted some of the best content we had produced.

We decided to play with more content types, and thus started our video series, Niswatch. We resumed sending our monthly newsletters.

And traffic continues to grow. And leads. And our office space too.

Which brings us to the other aspect of inbound marketing that is working for us. Hiring. We don’t work with recruitment agencies as they have hardly ever delivered. Long ago we had decided that we would use our own marketing muscle to hire. That’s why you will see a lot of writing about our culture on our blog. If people feel strongly about how they feel at work, they want to blog about it. And that’s what we do. So you will find blogs on our flat structure, goal sessions, our culture, and learnings. Our Instagram feed captures the fun and serious action at office. We Periscope our sessions, so the world can see what we teach each other.

How does that work for our hiring? Very well, thank you. We get more applications than we can even go through. And this is when our ads are not even running. We have had at least two companies in our network ask us to forward CVs to them as they had none.

But most importantly, we are able to find people who match our values and culture without even having to go out looking for them. People read our blogs and write to us passionately. That automatically shortlists candidates for us.

Plus, we have tools installed on the website that tell us the pages that a potential hire went through before filling up the form. If they have visited some specific pages and then filled up the form, we know they are going to be a good fit for Niswey. The hiring cycle is thus shortened considerably. Unlike other companies, we don’t worry that we will never find good people. We always do.

In short, we live inbound marketing. And we can help you use it to grow your business too!