Optimize Winery eCommerce with a HubSpot - WineDirect Integration

HubSpot WineDirect integration can help revolutionize your winery ecommerce business with the use of custom objects like club membership and leveraging it to market better.


About the Client

The client is a leading direct-to-customer wine eCommerce business.


  • Optimize marketing with critical WineDirect data flowing into HubSpot
  • Store membership data in HubSpot for upsell/cross-sell opportunities

WineDirect is a leader in winery direct-to-consumer (DTC) services including eCommerce, point-of-sale, wine club, fulfillment, and marketplace distribution solutions. It provides everything your winery needs to start, manage and grow your business. And now let's check how integrating it with HubSpot can power your business.

The Challenge

For our client, WineDirect was a key tool for managing their customer experience and engagement. However, the was a lack of any unified management of their customer data. With everything stored in WineDirect itself, the data remained underutilized thus limiting its potential to drive high-conversion marketing efforts.

The Solution

In order to solve this challenge, we proposed a HubSpot WineDirect integration designed to store critical data points from WineDirect in HubSpot

Our solution for the client had two parts to it:

  • Data Transfer from WineDirect to HubSpot 

The client wanted to update all data from WineDirect to HubSpot, and using our integration enabled them to send all relevant data in the HubSpot CRM.

Thus for any new or repeat order on the WineDirect POS or ecommerce gateway, the data would be updated on HubSpot for further insights on the customer, their purchase history, etc.

This enabled our client to add them to relevant marketing campaigns and build a better growth strategy for their business.

  • Custom Object ‘Club Membership’ Creation on HubSpot

While all data from WineDirect could be transferred to HubSpot now, there were certain data fields which could not be imported. For example, one of the most important data for any winery customer was their club membership data. And because HubSpot did not have any in-built property to store this data, there was no way to utilize it. 

To solve this problem, we defined a new custom object ‘Club Membership’ for the client on HubSpot. It was defined as a many-to-many relationships data format, considering one customer could have different club memberships We created its properties and customized the associations between the custom object and other standard objects on HubSpot.

Because of this custom property, the client was able to:

  • Get all club memberships data for their existing customer on HubSpot
  • Send automated marketing emails with ‘club membership’ related property values
  • Utilize this data to upsell or cross sell memberships to contacts


Requirements for the HubSpot WineDirect Integration

You need to be a WineDirect customer.

You need to have a HubSpot account for your business, any plan.

You need to have an Enterprise subscription to use the CRM Custom Objects API.


Business Benefits

  • Unified Customer Data: All WineDirect data is now updated on HubSpot CRM, which can be utilized for insights and marketing efforts

  • Automated Marketing Campaigns: The client can now launch personalized email campaigns to contacts list based on their purchase history, purchase patterns, and other insights coming in from WineDirect 

  • Sell Club Memberships: The client can utilize the HubSpot custom objects to get membership data on HubSpot, and accordingly upsell or cross-sell memberships to contacts via marketing campaigns



WineDirect APIs are SOAP based, which only allows one way integration with HubSpot. So the data had to be pulled from WineDirect on a daily basis, rather than in real time. 

Want to know more about how our HubSpot WineDirect integration works, or talk about custom integration solutions for your business? Book a call with our solutions expert, and let's get started!