B2B Marketing Content

Express uniqueness and business impact
B2B marketers often tell us how they find it tough to communicate with their customers, on an ongoing basis. Their technical team only talks boring essentials of the product/service on offer, which usually the marketing team can’t make much sense of. Then how do you create any collateral, any communication, any promotional stuff because the content is so hard to create?

What if we tell you, it isn’t? That we can speak to your technical and marketing teams, and write content about your offerings that your customer needs to know. That we can mine your organization for the knowledge it possesses.

Niswey brings the right mix of research capability and business understanding to create the content marketing strategy for your business. We leverage our experience and expertise in creating impactful B2B marketing content in the form of case studies, white papers, brochures, ebooks, videos, social media content, emailers, newsletters and magazine.

3 questions to test your marketing content –

  • Does the content speak to the right audience?
  • Does it have the unique voice of my brand?
  • Do the customers get to know the business benefits?

If you answered No to any of these, drop a line here.

Business benefits

  • Ease of creating relevant content on topics that are considered complex
  • Get content that speaks directly and impactfully to your target audience
  • Build content that is about your offering and its uniqueness

How we create value
Niswey works for Srijan, a web and product development company that is focused on the open source platform, Drupal. Niswey creates whitepapers, case studies and blogs that enable Srijan to provide supporting material to its prospective customers. We create these collaterals after conducting extensive conversations with various project and domain heads at Srijan. From unraveling intricacies of Drupal to writing whitepapers on new offerings, from writing blogs based on customer interactions to recommending content ideas from learnings captured within the company, Niswey works as an extended marketing team for Srijan.