• Niswey 2014 Highlights

    Year 2014 is well and firmly behind us.  But what a year it was, for us at Niswey! Ups and downs, and whoop, really up and then down, and trying to keep the balance all through! Wow, that was fun! We started the year as a newly merged company. We hit the Reset button by going back to the basics: redefining values, having debates and discussions around what should be ours. We had a series of goal setting sessions that helped us streamline what we wanted to become, both personally and professionally. We started on fun sessions that transformed into…

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    Niswey 2014 Highlights
  • My Stint at Niswey

    As a fresh-faced, nervous intern at Niswey, I joined with the basic expectations of learning about content creation, improving my writing skills (my job profile was that of a content wizard), exposing myself to a professional environment and absorb all the knowledge that came way. At the end of my one month stint, I realized what simple thinking it had been on my part. Everyday as I would scale the climb (there is no elevator to success!) to our humble office on the fourth floor, I did so with a feeling of acute anticipation of all that would follow that…

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    My Stint at Niswey