What IT Decision-makers Want: 2020 Marketing Plan for IT Marketers

February 10, 2020 by Suma EP

Eighty-six percent of IT decision-makers (ITDMs) say it is highly challenging for them to find quality content, says a survey report of IDG. This should make IT marketers planning for 2020 marketing strategy sit up and take notice. After all, they are generating content for the decision-makers, day in and day out. And yet, the decision-makers don’t find it useful.

Clearly, this is a wake-up call for IT marketers. IDG released some key findings from this study, and will soon be releasing a full whitepaper on the findings.

2020 marketing

In its sneak preview of the whitepapers, IDG has revealed some more facts on what IT decision-makers find useful, and what they find annoying. Let’s explore what bothers them, and what your 2020 marketing plan should/shouldn’t include.

Difficulties in Finding Relevant Information

When it comes to technology purchases, they go through an enormous amount of information. Whether it is installing a whole new system, adding a small component to the existing one, or finding a service provider in a specific technology, ITDMs look for information that will help them shortlist reliable technologies and potential vendors. 

The Internet is full of information, sometimes vague and irrelevant. So, it is a huge challenge for ITDMs to get useful, pertinent information for their situation. According to the IDG study, most of the ITDMs face challenges in finding good quality content related to their problem. And, 79% of them have claimed that they would subscribe to your content if it promises them a good return. Therefore, you might need to spend more time and resources while creating content for your target customers.

The Clingy Vendors

Two-thirds of ITDMs, according to the study, dropped the idea of conducting further business with vendors because they were way too persistent than required. So, the way you contact your customers is crucial. There’s a thin line between being caring and being annoying, and IT marketers now need to better define this for their outreach teams. Spamming them with unnecessary offers is a good way to lose the interest of your prospects.

The Scarcity of Potential Vendors

Not bothering a prospect doesn’t mean that you should not be concerned about the needs of your customers. On the contrary, they always look for reliable vendors who understand their requirements. According to the survey, the majority of ITDMs— 94% of them— initiate their deal with vendors who are honest and transparent; they always look for vendors who can be trusted to establish long-lasting business relationships. Therefore, share only valuable and relevant information, and provide the solution for their problems rather than showcasing your product. Also, if you are aspiring to rank at the top of their priority-list, valuing their time is a significantly good step.

The Complexities in Technology

When it comes to installation of new software, ITDMs spend a lot of time in understanding the technology. More than half of them rely on videos explaining the working principles and mechanisms. Detailed product reviews are equally appealing to them, and one-third of ITDMs trust web shows. So just having a demo is not enough, a more in-depth explanation is also valuable to them.

According to the study, reviews are far more influential and crucial in decision making than we think. Almost all the ITDMs surveyed relied heavily on the opinions of those who were already familiar with the product. Also, a few positive words through technology news coverage—such as conventional media, online blogs, magazines—can boost the image of your brand. 

When it comes to business relationships, everything matters—the first interaction, your engagement strategies, and your behavior throughout the buyer journey. As an IT marketer, it is now even more important, as you frame your 2020 marketing strategy, to have a better understanding of the needs and problems of your prospects. IT decision-makers want that from you. So stay focused on that.