How to Maximize the ROI of Your Telegram Marketing Strategy with HubSpot

May 1, 2023 by Nilanjana Dey

According to a recent study by Statista, the number of Telegram users worldwide has grown from 200 million in 2018 to 500 million in 2021. That's a whopping 150% increase in just three years! Moreover, Telegram users are highly engaged, with a daily active user rate of 55%. No wonder so many businesses are using Telegram to reach their target audience and drive conversions.

However, harnessing Telegram as an efficient marketing and sales channel can become increasingly complicated as your business scales. This is especially true if you have a small marketing team that is trying to get the maximum Return On Investment (ROI) out of multiple different channels, and has everything on its plate from designing a strategy to managing ad campaigns, to ramping up user engagement and more.

Some of the biggest challenges for marketing teams trying to scale with Telegram are:

No integration with the CRM: For most businesses, Telegram currently exists as a standalone marketing channel, with no connection to the CRM where contact data is stored. As such, marketers do not have a complete view of the customer journey as it happens on email, website, ads, etc., and Telegram. Whatever conversation or engagement happens on Telegram, stays on Telegram, with no way to track it, or leverage it into other engagement channels.

No campaign capabilities: While you can create groups on Telegram, it can get pretty limited in terms of segmentation. There is no way to send out bulk Telegram message campaigns to contacts unless they are part of a group.

For example, you may have multiple lists of contacts who have expressed interest in certain products or displayed certain behavior, in your CRM. But you cannot message them en masse unless you manually make those groups in Telegram, and that can be very time-consuming and tedious.

So what's the solution?

Integrating Telegram with a platform that does resolve these challenges. With CRM, campaign, and automation capabilities, HubSpot is one such platform that fits the bill. And NisWire is an integration on the HubSpot App Marketplace that brings together the powers of Telegram and HubSpot.

Let's take a look:

How to get the best of HubSpot into your Telegram marketing strategy

As a Telegram HubSpot integration, NisWire combines HubSpot's CRM and automation capabilities with the reach and engagement of Telegram. To begin with, you can send Telegram messages, both 1:1 and in bulk, to your Telegram contacts right from HubSpot. You can also track all Telegram conversations in HubSpot. But it does not stop at that.

NisWire goes beyond this and enables you to automate messages, track user actions, and further enrich your nurturing and engagement tactics.

Let's take a look at how NisWire can help enhance the Telegram marketing strategy across different industries:

E-commerce businesses


#Use Case 1: Send Telegram messages in bulk to entire HubSpot contact lists, via workflows. You can send out mailers, product offers, or even curated shopping lists to different segments of contacts.

Create your Telegram message and simply include a link to your desired content piece, and you are good to send out a Telegram message campaign.

Ecom use case 1
Ecom use cae 2


#Use Case 2: Once your contacts do make a purchase, you can send personalized order confirmation messages to your customers. These can be automated Telegram messages, triggered by purchase actions.

These messages can include important information such as order ID, order details, shipping details, and estimated delivery dates as generated in your backend systems and/or stored in HubSpot. This not only enhances the customer experience but also helps with post-purchase engagement.

Media & Entertainment


#Use Case 1: Media platforms can effectively engage with their subscribers with weekly Telegram messages, sending out curated articles and other content. These can be sent out to various interest-based segment contact lists in HubSpot.

Telegram's high usage rates and convenience ensure that a greater percentage of subscribers are engaging with the content you send out.

Media use case 1

Media use case 2


#Use Case 2: Entertainment and event agencies can:

  • Send out automated ticket confirmations and booking details on Telegram.
  • Follow it up with a series of promotional content and upsell offers leading up to the day of the event.

All of this is automatically being delivered on Telegram at regular intervals, via a simple HubSpot workflow.

Travel & Hospitality



#Use Case 1: Send out automated Telegram messages that include booking confirmation and other details, with WhatsApp workflows.

Use booking completion actions as triggers, and personalize confirmation messages with all the relevant contact properties created/stored in HubSpot.

You can also set up workflows to engage your customers with more details about their booking and the overall trip, via regular Telegram messages.

Travel use case 1


Travel use case 2

#Use Case 2: Send out curated holiday destination lists, offers, and promotions, in bulk, via Telegram messages.

These can be intelligently sent out to a range of segmented contact lists based on different criteria like:

  • Last holiday destination, as stored in HubSpot
  • Interested in a specific destination, based on page visits recorded in HubSpot
  • Opted in for information on various offers by filling in specific HubSpot forms

Once again, curated information sent via Telegram messages can result in higher opens and engagement as compared to email.

Financial Services & Crypto



#Use Case 1: Send out regular informational content to your prospects and customers on Telegram. Send these out in bulk via HubSpot workflows.

Create different segment contact lists based on users' interest in different products and services, and send them the appropriate content.

Financial Services use case 1
Financial Services use case 2


#Use Case 2: As your users engage with the content, you can track CTA clicks. Leverage this information to further engage with them on Telegram.

For example, if you track anyone clicking on a "Download e-book" CTA for information on a certain product, you can trigger an automated Telegram message asking if they would like to book a meeting with your sales guy.

So that's how some key industries can get more out of their Telegram marketing strategy by integrating Telegram with HubSpot.

With NisWire, you can not just track your Telegram messages in HubSpot, but also:

  • Send 1:1 Telegram messages through HubSpot
  • Send bot and group messages through HubSpot
  • Send bulk Telegram messages to HubSpot contact lists
  • Automate Telegram messages to trigger based on various properties stored in HubSpot

So even outside of the above-mentioned industries, if you are using Telegram as a key marketing channel, we are sure you can find unique workflows and optimizations for your business with NisWire's abilities. You can check out our blog on 5 key reasons to get a Telegram HubSpot integration, to get your wheels turning on how to best leverage NisWire.

Ready to maximize the ROI from Telegram? Explore NisWire - the HubSpot Telegram integration today!