WhatsApp HubSpot Integration

December 5, 2018 Dhiraj Pandey

You want to interact with your prospects & customers on WhatsApp. And you want the communication to be integrated and managed within your marketing automation platform HubSpot. Let us see how the HubSpot WhatsApp Integration can achieve this for you.

In order to enable this, a functionality similar to email marketing is needed, that allows

  • Sending one to one messages
  • Send messages in the form of text/photos/videos/links
  • Message templates to be created & stored for reuse
  • Engagement history to be captured
  • Interactions to appear in the contacts’ timeline along with other communication

HubSpot doesn’t have these capabilities nor can it be customized to deliver them. So the way to do this is implement a custom integration. This involves installing a HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration Google Chrome extension with all the functionalities required, so it works as a layer over HubSpot, pulling the info from and sending info back into HubSpot to enable full tracking of interactions happening via WhatsApp.

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How does the HubSpot WhatsApp Integration Work?

Some prerequisites before you get started:

  • WhatsApp Account
  • HubSpot Subscription (Free CRMs would also work)

Once you’ve integrated HubSpot with WhatsApp, you will be able to do the following, within HubSpot.

  1. Send WhatsApp message from HubSpot
    Compose Message
  2. Get send receipts
  3. Update Contact timeline with message sent receipts
  4. Create and store multiple message templates
  5. Trigger message via a workflow
    Set triggers as per your requirements
  6. UI interface for managing everything
    whatsapp hubspot integration

Will this WhatsApp HubSpot Integration Work?

We have validated the approach with HubSpot development team and they concurred that this is the best approach to implement this.

That’s all, once this is done, you will be able to enjoy email marketing like functionalities for your contacts through WhatsApp as well.

In case you need help in implementing this or in integrating any other tool with HubSpot, please feel free to book a time to speak with our specialist.

Comments (4)

  1. I am trying to integrate my Dialogflow Bot with Whatsapp using Twilio Could successfully do that. But I am stuck in using my business phone number as the Whatsapp number to communicate as a bot with the customers.
    Does Twilio support Indian numbers, is there something I am missing?

  2. Daniel

    Good morning, I would like to be able to integrate WhatsApp Business into my Hubspot account, so that messages sent and received are registered in the CRM, so I can send messages from Hubspot and schedule messages to send later.
    How could this be done? Can you implement it? What is the cost?
    Thank you

  3. Hello Dhiraj Pandey,
    Thanks for this new information. Excited to see there is a possibility to do via our own server. could you share any link how it’s been done. I see only a brief explanation above though.
    It would be helpful, Thanks also for the twilio integration suggestion as well

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