HubSpot + WhatsApp: 3 Key Ways It Can Grow Your Business

April 12, 2020 by Simran Sakshi

Take your sales and customers services to the next level by leveraging HubSpot and WhatsApp Integration for superfast communication. 

With 2 billion active users worldwide, WhatsApp has become a crucial channel for businesses to communicate with prospects, leads, and customers. Companies are leveraging this application to compliment their email communication, because messaging on WhatsApp prompts quicker and more frequent responses from potential customers.

It also drives better engagement by enabling easy follow-ups for the organization’s sales and customer relation reps. All-in-all, using WhatsApp in your brand communication has proven to be an effective and efficient way of driving sales and enhancing customer experience.

whatsapp integration with hubspot


However, the challenging aspect of using WhatsApp for business purposes is the difficulty in tracking the prospect’s journey and conversations. And most businesses aren’t able to fully capitalize on the benefits of using WhatsApp because of this inability to analyse and capture the right information.

So, how can you move past this problem? 

The answer is quite simple. If you’re already using HubSpot to track your sales, marketing or customer service, all you need to do is integrate WhatsApp to your HubSpot CRM and you’re good to go! If you are not using HubSpot yet, you can get started right away by using the free HubSpot starter plan! 

We provide different integration solutions, based on the kind of WhatsApp account you have, to help streamline and manage your WhatsApp communication:

  • Businesses using a WhatsApp account, can make use of our HubSpot+WhatsApp integration tool to optimize their sales and customer service performance.
  • Additionally, businesses with an approved Business API can use WhatsApp-HubSpot Automation tool to send automated WhatsApp messages from within HubSpot itself!

This integration maps your entire customer communication happening through your WhatsApp personal/business account, right in the HubSpot CRM. This WhatsApp integration solution has a range of helpful features—including the ability for multiple reps to use a single integration license, albeit at different times!

If you believe that communication through WhatsApp is an effective way for your customer engagement, here’s how you can benefit from the HubSpot+WhatsApp integration tool.


#1 Communicate with your leads immediately

According to a study conducted by, your chances of converting a lead are 21 times higher if you reply to them within 5 minutes as compared to 30 minutes. So, an instant reply is crucial for your sales.

With the HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration tool, you can reply to your leads over WhatsApp, ensuring quick and immediate conversation, while also ensuring  that it gets recorded in your HubSpot Activity contact timeline. You can also track and monitor these messages, which will help you further analyze and devise a strategy to close deals with them.

Moreover, businesses using the WhatsApp Automation tool can also automate messages to be sent based on email activity or other triggers set in HubSpot workflows. You also have the ability to send instant replies in response to form submissions, thereby keeping the conversation continuously active.


#2 Shorten your sales cycle

Since HubSpot+WhatsApp integration facilitates superfast communication and an uninterrupted contact with your customers, it shortens your sales cycles to a great extent. And simultaneously provides great customer engagement.

Furthermore, if you use the WhatsApp Automation solution, you can speed up various processes involved in closing deals. You can do so by automating messages sharing links to payment options, and sending quick confirmation of orders and payment receipts.

Here’s what our client from Anahuac University, who uses the integration to enroll new students, has to say—

whatsapp integration with hubspot quote


#3 Provide improved customer service

When customers reach out to you for support related to your products or services, they expect you to be helpful. Responding to them quickly builds trust and strengthens the relationship. 

The HubSpot and WhatsApp integration helps you provide phenomenal customer service experience to your leads and customers, by actively connecting with them on their preferred communication channel. Two ways this can happen:

  • Your customer service reps can respond directly on WhatsApp, and you can rest assured that all of it is being tracked on HubSpot
  • You can set up workflows that get triggered by specific messages, from specific users, to alert associated team members to attend to a customer query

Additionally, if you have an approved Business API, you can use the WhatsApp Automation solution to send automated messages to your customers based on their intent. You can also automatically create support tickets based on customer queries raised on WhatsApp, send them ticket status via approved message templates.

As you must have realised, using WhatsApp for sales and customer service communication can be highly effective for your business. But to fully optimize it, you need to streamline and manage these conversations. And in this day and age of analysing data and using information to drive future decisions, it becomes increasingly important to integrate your WhatsApp account with HubSpot to amplify its benefits.

For more information, reach out to us at hw [at] niswey [dot] com. 

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