Zoho Books CRM Integration to Automate Payment Invoices within HubSpot

November 18, 2022 by Dhiraj Pandey

How can you enable your sales teams to perform better? And utilize their time effectively in closing deals for your business? By embracing tools that can automate any repetitive and time-consuming work. And our latest Zoho Books CRM integration with HubSpot solution aims to do just that.

The Challenge

For a business selling its product/service, it is important to have a platform to easily create an invoice and share it with your customers. And Zoho Books enables you with the same.

However, if your customer and deal information is managed in the HubSpot CRM and your invoices are made in Zoho Books, there can be a few challenges:

  • Copying all deal information from HubSpot to Zoho Books, when creating an invoice, can be a slow, manual, and error-prone work
  • The problem is compounded if you share invoices with multiple customers in a subscription-based billing cycle. Imagine the time lost in just adding the customer data and creating payment links!
  • Finally, it's repetitive and not-so-motivating work for your sales teams who definitely have better things to do

Instead, you can now automate this process on HubSpot with our Zoho Books integration solution.


The Solution - Zoho Books CRM Integration with HubSpot, by Niswey

With this Zoho Books HubSpot integration, your sales teams can create invoices right from within HubSpot and even send payment links automatically. Here's how this works:

1. Your sales team goes to the respective deal on HubSpot whose payment invoicing has to be done.

2. With the integrated solution in place, they will be able to see a CRM card on HubSpot deal pages. This CRM card contains the form to create Zoho Books invoices.

3. When the salesperson opens the CRM card, the form will be prepopulated with the values from the properties of deals and associated contacts.

4. So the form is automatically filled. And once they submit it, Zoho Books will generate the invoice with a payment link and send it to the contact.

5. This extension will also create a customer on Zoho Books if there is no contact with the same email address.

As a result of this solution, automatic invoices and payment links can be generated for your customers without requiring manual effort from your sales team. 

This solution will be most useful to you if you sell subscriptions with postpaid plans. 


Requirements for the Zoho Books and CRM Integration

You need to have a Zoho Books account with developer access.

You need to have a HubSpot account for your business, any plan.


Business Benefits

  • Unified customer data: All your deals data on HubSpot CRM automatically gets updated on Zoho Books via the form on the CRM card. This eliminates the need to jump to a different platform, add the customer data again, and create the invoice manually. 

  • Auto sync Zoho Books and HubSpot: With the integration, both your platforms are syncing in real time. Using the CRM card automatically updates the customer data on Zoho Books. And at the same time, the invoice link that gets created on ZohoBooks is also updated back on HubSpot.

  • Saves manual efforts of the sales team: With this integration, sales teams no longer need to switch between Zoho Books and HubSpot to create and share an invoice. They can automatically initiate the creation of a payment invoice, and the same gets sent to customers right from HubSpot.

So you can now make manual data entry a thing of the past by syncing customer data between HubSpot and Zoho Books using our integration. When invoices are generated, and payment links are sent via Zoho Books, the same gets updated in HubSpot as well.


Comparison with other Zoho Books HubSpot Integration 

There are also other solutions in the market that offer a Zoho Books HubSpot integration as well. But they are more applicable if your only requirement is to sync data between Zoho Books and HubSpot without manual data entry or messy, time-consuming imports. 

zoho books crm integration hubspot   zoho invoice hubspot integration

Our integration solution goes a step further by ensuring not only the two-way sync of data between Zoho Books and HubSpot CRM, but also enabling the auto-generation of payment invoices for your sales teams. 

Zoho Books Connector by HubSpot 

Zoho Invoice Connector by HubSpot 

Zoho Books HubSpot Integration by Niswey

  • Two-way data sync between Zoho Books and HubSpot.

  • This ensures that when records are created or updated in either app, that information will be automatically shared with the other one.
  • Two-way data sync between Zoho Invoice contacts and HubSpot.

  • This ensures that when records are created or updated in either app, that information will be automatically shared with the other one.
  • Two-way data sync between HubSpot and Zoho Books via the CRM card.

  • This ensures that when records are created or updated in HubSpot, the contact/deal gets updated in the CRM card.

  • Once submitted, payment invoices are automatically generated. Post payment, the payment status gets updated in HubSpot.

Want to know more about how our HubSpot Zoho Books integration works, or talk about custom integration solutions for your business? We can help!