Unlock New Revenue Opportunities with SAP HANA and HubSpot Integration

Get a custom HubSpot SAP integration to sync your data across both systems. Use this to identify & execute upselling & cross-selling opportunities in HubSpot


About the Client

The client is a large specialized component manufacturing firm headquartered in the UK, with over 50 years of excellence in the industry. Their marketing and sales teams are dedicated to bringing in new business, while also nurturing and expanding further into existing accounts by identifying new opportunities. 

Key Highlights

  • Real-time sync between client activity in SAP HANA and contact and company records in HubSpot

  • Visibility for marketing and sales teams to identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities

  • Increased opportunities for new deals and revenue from within existing accounts

The SAP HANA HubSpot integration is designed to sync customer data stored on your ERP with the relevant objects and properties in HubSpot, to make sure you can act upon upselling and cross-selling opportunities for existing customers.

The Challenge

The client had two key systems to store and manage business-critical data:

  • SAP HANA: On-premise SAP HANA solution as their ERP of choice to store all customer and transaction information for existing clients
  • HubSpot: As their CRM and marketing automation platform to orchestrate high-impact marketing campaigns

For a B2B firm working with large clients and big ticket sizes, there are always opportunities to upsell and cross-sell to existing clients. But the sales and marketing teams can act on these opportunities at the right time only if they have near-real-time access to the existing client activity data. 

With two siloed systems, the key challenges for the client were:

  • Inability to identify marketing opportunities, due to lack of visibility of the client data
  • Inability to leverage client data to execute marketing campaigns in HubSpot


The Solution Deployed - HubSpot SAP Integration

Given the challenges, the client was ready to integrate SAP HANA with HubSpot to ensure seamless flow and visibility of data across teams and systems.

With a detailed discovery call to understand the client’s exact requirements, Niswey developed a custom SAP HANA + HubSpot integration.

Integration Architecture

Here's a simplified look at how the integration is designed to work:

HubSpot SAP integration architecture

  • Develop a middleware, hosted on Niswey servers, designed to sync data between SAP HANA and HubSpot
  • This middleware checks SAP HANA and HubSpot records for changes in client information
  • Then captures these changes, and pushes them to the relevant objects and properties in the other system

Integration Setup for the Client

  • First up, we established a one-to-one mapping of data properties between SAP HANA and HubSpot. 
  • Next, we set up the direction of the sync. In this case, only changes and updates in SAP HANA are pushed to HubSpot. 
  • Finally, we set up the sync frequency at 5 minutes, as required by the client

Integration Flexibility

While the integration was set up a certain way for the client, the solution allows businesses to set it up and manage it as per their evolving requirements:

  • Set up bi-directional sync to enable data flow and update across both SAP HANA and HubSpot
  • Set up new property mappings between the two systems, using the user-friendly CRM card within HubSpot
  • Choose and change your sync frequency as required by the business

Niswey - hubSpot accredited custom integrations partner

The Results

With this integration, the client achieved:

Actionable intelligence: With real-time sync between client activity in the ERP and corresponding company and contact information in HubSpot, the client's sales and marketing teams were quickly able to identify and move on emerging upsell/cross-sell opportunities

Greater revenue: Proactive and aligned efforts by marketing and sales on the identified opportunities ensured new deals and increased revenue from within existing accounts


Is this the integration you need?

There are multiple solutions that deliver a SAP HANA + HubSpot integration. These range from self-serve to fully managed, basic to highly customized, and require varying levels of technical expertise and time and effort investment from the organization.

So here’s a quick look at how some of the prominent solutions compare on these parameters, so you can choose what suits your particular needs:

Integration Solutions

Ease of integration

Time & effort investment


SAP HANA + HubSpot integration by Niswey

Easy - Simply share your requirements with the Niswey team

Medium - IT team needs to be involved for the final deployment

- Starts at $5000. One time cost to build the custom integration

- $1200/year for support and maintenance

SAP Integration Suite

Fairly technical - HubSpot is deprecating API keys so this method is no longer supported.

High - Needs thorough research and understanding of how it will all work before you attempt this


ERPBridge - HubSpot App Marketplace

Easy - User-friendly, point-and-click integration process

Low - Can be quickly set up as required.

$399/month for a highly custom solution

TIBCO Cloud Integration - HubSpot App Marketplace

Medium - Need to design the data flow as per your needs

Medium - There is a learning curve for the platform, as well as a good understanding of HubSpot and SAP

- $4,800/year for SMBs

- $18,000/year for enterprises

Using an integrations platform like Tray.io or Alumio

Fairly technical - Needs deep knowledge of SAP and HubSpot

High - There is a learning curve for the platform, as well as technical aspects of HubSpot and SAP

Platform cost as applicable

All said and done, the Niswey’s SAP HANA + HubSpot integration is the best solution for you if:

  • You are responsible for business intelligence, sales, account management, or marketing goals 
  • You do not have a dedicated team with technical expertise on SAP or HubSpot
  • Your organization is not inclined to build and train a team like that
  • You want a custom integration, that once set up can be easily leveraged by the team

Think that captures your business context just right? Wish to explore more custom HubSpot integrations? Or you would like to discuss an all-new integration for your business? Let's get the conversation started.

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