B2B Marketing

B2B companies have been using ‘content marketing’ long before the term became fashionable. Because content is their key way to educate their customers. However, with the onslaught of digital—tools and technologies, social platforms, analytics, it is challenging for B2B companies to figure out the marketing landscape.

Here are some of the areas we see B2B marketing teams struggling with:


It’s challenging because the set of skills needed to solve each and all of these is pretty big. You need

  • Content writers who are like journalists, and understand the technical aspects your business
  • People who know SEO, and that means people who understand your business, and your competitions’, and know how to use English language well to your business advantage
  • Email marketers, who understand mailing platforms, HTML and mobile formats, AND subject headlines!
  • Designers, who can create the graphics and layouts, for various devices, that your audience will like and engage with
  • Social media marketers, who know your business and brand inside out and make meaningful posts, generate relevant engagement or pick out leads, with the use of right tools
  • Adwords experts, who know the right strategy to pick the right keywords and then optimize your ad spending for conversions and not for traffic
  • Analytics enthusiasts, who look at data and come up with the right insights to enable your online marketing goals
  • Technology experts, who understand how your website is structured, how the CRM or online marketing tools, plugins, widgets integrate with the website
  • Online marketing strategists, who understand each of the above aspects and help you understand the performance of your web presence

That’s a lot of skills, and not all companies can afford to have full-time professionals for each of these skill sets.

Niswey has been helping clients in the B2B space for many years now. We own the online marketing process for some of our clients, and are held accountable for the goals defined. For others, we handle part of the services, such as content, or SEO, or email, and deliver significant improvements in parameters we are in control of.

  • In less than one year, we have helped a company climb the Alexa country ranking from scratch to a four digit ranking, and achieve stupendous growth in social media presence
  • In just over a year we have helped a B2B company quadruple their marketing qualified leads generated through online channels


Your uniqueness: Niswey’s content practice is designed to unearth your uniqueness—in knowledge, in skills. We mine your organization for the knowledge that’s not just in the documents, but also in the heads of your people. And then we create the stories that your customers need to hear.

Ownership: Whether you give us a piece of your online marketing initiatives, or the entire piece, we own the part given to us. From strategy to execution, we handle every big challenge, and every little detail. You get regular, transparent reports, so you are always in control.

Agile: We work in the agile manner, breaking down the long-term goals into shorter term goals, and further down to smaller sprints to deliver key tasks. We discuss with you every two weeks and review what’s working, what’s not, and if any new business imperative has cropped up which needs to be addressed. Things remain flexible, while remaining focused on the goals.

To learn how a B2B marketing agency takes ownership of your marketing and makes it work for your business, drop us a line at business [at] niswey [dot] com