HubSpot Paypal Integration to Map Your Deals in the HubSpot CRM

February 7, 2021 by Dhiraj Pandey

When using a third-party provider like PayPal to receive payments, you may often face the challenge of adding new or repeat customers’ data in your database. Your solution is purchased but mapping the purchase data to your CRM or spreadsheet is another job altogether. Talk about manual updates, regular checks, and human-errors of mistyping or missing any relevant information!

With HubSpot PayPal integration, you can put an end to all the what-ifs, and sit back while all your purchase data gets updated in your HubSpot CRM. 


1. Automatic Contact Creation

Using the PayPal Hubspot integration ensures that any payment done via PayPal leads to an automatic contact creation on HubSpot.

2. Contact Properties Update

All contact properties right from name, email address, to purchased items, transaction ID, purchase amount, and any other custom properties you set, get updated in HubSpot.

You can also enable deal creation on HubSpot, update subscription plans and recurring payments – all via the integration. Not to forget the added advantage of using HubSpot workflows using which you can:

  • Create and assign tickets to your support team to update the deal value in case of any cancellations

  • Launch marketing campaigns for your select customer database

Requirements for the HubSpot PayPal integration

  1. You need to be a PayPal customer.

  2. You need to have a HubSpot account for your business, any plan.

Business Benefits

  • 360-degree view of your Customers Data: All your customer data, along with payment information like items purchased, subscription plans, and the amount paid are stored in one place  

  • Reduction in Manual Effort: Using HubSpot pay with PayPal ensures the automatic update of all new and repeating customers in your HubSpot CRM

  • Leveraging data for Business Use: Customer data stored in HubSpot can be leveraged further for sales, customer support or marketing initiatives of your business

Want to know more about how HubSpot PayPal integration works, or talk about custom integration solutions for your business? We can help!