Why We Don't Offer Gold/Silver/Platinum SEO Packages

May 15, 2013
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May 15, 2013 Abhinav Sahai

Often we are asked this question in some form or the other. Recently after sharing a plan for a potential client we were again asked this question. While I answered them, I thought I should put it up for future. Here’s the question and what we answered.
Why SEO Packages are not offered at Niswey

Kindly send us the plan you are option for this, hope some standard plans are there, and related reports can be collected by you for us will be mainly charged. Kindly mail me the details for this as well, to justify the costing.

Unlike other SEO agencies, we don’t offer Gold/Silver/Platinum etc plans or other SEO packages. This is because we work in a different manner as compared to those organizations. While other companies would work based on the number of directory submissions they do per month and would offer packages based on that, we don’t go that route. This is because Google’s search algorithms are changing rapidly and these typical ways of directory submissions are slowly become malfunctional and immaterial. One of our previous clients adopted such strategy and have been hit by Google because of this. As a result, they have come back to us now 🙂

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