How to Enhance WhatsApp Business Sales via HubSpot

June 9, 2021 by Anoushka Mudgil

Use WhatsApp business with HubSpot integration to enhance your internal sales processes and automate lead qualification on HubSpot.

Does your sales team use WhatsApp Business to speak with prospects and close deals? We can imagine how difficult it is to keep track of various prospects on WhatsApp and ensure success at each step of your sales cycle.

HubSpot + WhatsApp integration can help you ease this process. Using it, you can automatically qualify prospects on your CRM based on the kind of WhatsApp messages they send. And then assign the next action item to specific team members on HubSpot. Moreover, the WhatsApp conversation between the prospect and the agent gets recorded on HubSpot as well.

Here’s a video of how you can set up this automation using workflows in your HubSpot account. Follow these steps to make your WhatsApp Business sales process quicker and more efficient.


For this automation, you will need the following:

To know more use cases and understand the capabilities of the HubSpot + WhatsApp Integration tool, feel free to check out our tutorial videos. And for more information on the integration tool, book a demo with us.