• Dhiraj Pandey / CTO
    Dhiraj Pandey

    Team clown, chief geek, gym rat! Aspires to build great product after product till his last breath. Also to never be too old or inflexible to understand younger generations. Travel junkie, happiest when on his motorbike on a long, winding road. Or cooking up a biryani storm.

  • HubSpot WhatsApp Integration

    You want to interact with your prospects & customers on WhatsApp. And you want the communication to be integrated and managed within your marketing automation platform HubSpot. Let us see how the HubSpot WhatsApp integration can achieve this for you. In order to enable this, a functionality similar to email marketing is needed, that allows Sending one to one messages Sending bulk messages, to a list in HubSpot Send messages in the form of text/photos/videos/links Message templates to be created & stored for reuse Engagement history to be captured Interactions to appear in the contacts’ timeline along with other communication…

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    HubSpot WhatsApp Integration