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Team Offsite: Building Connections that Last

In early March I wrote on LinkedIn: I am tired but immensely happy.  Tired, because we have just come back from a 3-day team offsite trip to
remote team building activities

Making Remote Work: Celebrating our 75th Monday Call!

In May 2020, we started our Monday calls. By then the pandemic had hit and the first lockdown was in place. Just like you, we didn't know how long

Future of Marketing Technology: A Story of a Marketing Campaign in 2030

It’s that time of the year when crystal balls are made to work overtime. And I went looking for some of the cool visions emerging out of the fog.
b2b account based marketing

Starting with B2B Account based Marketing? What’s your Positioning?

Here’s a lead we received last week for B2B account based marketing services. It was from an IT services company with nearly 400 employees, providing

What You Can Learn from Early Stage Account-based Marketing Programs

If you are starting on account based marketing programs, Demandbase has some lessons for you in its 2020 ABM Market Research Study: What separates

Is the Martech Stacked in Your Favour?

Earlier this year, like every year since 2011, Scott Brinker of published his annual martech supergraphic. The 2020 supergraphic maps
account based marketing approach

When is Account Based Marketing Not the Right Approach for You?

Every few days I find myself answering questions around Account Based Marketing from senior marketers or CEOs who find us via search or agency rating

3 Stats That Will Make You Reimagine Your B2B Brand Awareness Campaign

By now you’ve already heard us talk and write about the 46:54 ratio. As a quick memory jog, as per Institute of Practitioners of Advertising, this

What IT Decision-makers Want: 2020 Marketing Plan for IT Marketers

Eighty-six percent of IT decision-makers (ITDMs) say it is highly challenging for them to find quality content, says a survey report of IDG. This