Cultural Fit with Niswey: Part I

May 4, 2015 Rajat Taneja

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
Bernard Baruch

“So, did it go as expected?” we asked Anubhav. It was yet another interview at Niswey for a graphic designer. The candidate was proficient and looked promising, but some things didn’t seem to click. Suma and Abhinav felt it too. By the time they headed back to the hall, everyone had started discussing their own interviews. I too recalled my lucky day.
On my way to wCentral on new year’s eve, I prepared some points to make a compelling case for myself. Yes, I was an engineer with a tech job. Nonetheless, some self-reflection and a good look at the Niswey blog had motivated me to apply. My interview with Suma and Anubhav was more of a dialogue (just like the prior call with Abhinav) on our questions for each other. But there was much more to the evening beside these questions as the interview made me assess my life like never before. The end to 2014 couldn’t have been better!
Fast-forward four months, I can now understand the things that really matter. Engineering background? Half of the present Niswey team has studied engineering or architecture. Fresher in digital marketing? Skill set can always be developed when one has the right mindset. Prior work experience in a hierarchical organization? This one did matter. Exploring the flat structure of Niswey should always be a topmost priority for every aspiring Knowizard.

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Cultural fit is a two-way street. Cultural fitness is crucial for high performance, powerful learning curve and even more importantly, satisfaction. There is a fine line between working for and working with an organization. At Niswey, you work for yourself. The first line of the appointment letter reads “There is a job, and then there is a career.” This also applies to internships.
Personal growth is always promoted at Niswey through events such as the Success Document Session, the Analytics Hackathon, and the Goal Setting and Review Sessions. Everyone is encouraged to write, not just read. Every activity breathes a set of values – learning, accountability, excellence, responsibility and joy. When we speak of culture, it all boils down to values. So does the flat and holacratic nature of Niswey as it did with the merger sometime back.
In essence, the approach, the confidence and the attitude of a person matter much more than what one would expect. Even the subject line of your application email matters. Job-searching is even more fruitful when coupled with soul-searching. It can do wonders for any career path. If you’re your authentic self, there is indeed no competition for you!

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