Humans of Niswey: Stories of Culture, Team and Growth!

June 17, 2022 by Simran Sakshi

“You are only as good as your team” - Marshall Goldsmith

And as for us at Niswey, we can claim to have one of the greatest teams out there. A team made of excellent, smart, and good people. It is as if all the good people of the world chose to work here. Or is it that we bring out the best in each other? 

Four years ago, today was the first day of my journey at Niswey. And since then, there has been no stop to the learnings I have gained here. Be it the learnings around content marketing, digital marketing, business thinking and HubSpot that have led me to become the person I am today, professionally. Or the learnings around goals setting, financial planning, time management, empathy, and team building that have led me to become the person I am today, personally. 

But my favorite part about the learnings at Niswey has always been the stories. Stories of my seniors and peers about their experiences, challenges, motivations, and perception of life and their way of living it. It is what makes me tick. It is what makes me want to show up to work every day: People and their stories. So when I hit a wall with marketing, I didn't have to search very hard for what I really wanted to do. My calling was in ‘Culture’. Not in ‘Marketing’

To be at my favorite place and to do the work I would like to do most! Well, isn’t that simply awesome?! 

So here I am, four years later, re-discovering myself as I start my journey in Culture. And as I do that, I get to talk and know my team more closely. It is a source of Joy to know them for who they are, what stories they hold and discover them for who they may want to be. And I couldn’t be the only one hearing the stories of such awesome people, right? So I have decided to pen them down. One story at a time of the Humans at Niswey. And I hope you will enjoy these, as much as I know I will. :)

A Journey of Self Discovery feat. Pooja Seth

I vaguely remember my first meeting with Pooja, sometime in 2019, when she had first joined us as for a digital marketing internship. She joined us as a referral of one of our ex-employees who told her that Niswey was a great place to learn about digital marketing. She came from a ‘Business Development’ background. But after a not-so-great experience working in sales at her family run business, she decided to try her hand in marketing. 

Little did we know at that time that her coming to Niswey will be a game changer for us, as much as a self-discovery for her. From handling digital marketing for our clients, to becoming our HubSpot Growth Manager who excels at problem-solving and cracks deals left, right and center, her journey at Niswey has been nothing short of inspiring. And this year at the Niswey offsite, she was awarded the ‘Gamechangers Award for Intent’. 

It was a pleasure for me to take that opportunity to hear the story from her firsthand. We have delved into her journey at Niswey, where she gets her inner drive from, how she manifests her winnings, and why the pandemic turned out to be a boon for her in disguise.

Read Pooja's Story

How to Travel While Working Remotely feat. Basil James

I first met Basil, when he joined Niswey as a design intern in 2019. A design intern in our Delhi office, all the way from Ernakulam in Kerala—who does that? But he had the travel bug and this internship was a chance to live his adventures!

He is not your typical travel bloggerwith a phone in one hand, and thousands of followers. He travels to experience the myriad places and people, and his pictures are more for the memories. 

This year, what started as quick break from the sweltering summer of Kerala turned into a magical 3 month long adventure. And that too while continuing to work on the weekdays. We were tuned into his Instagram stories, watching him live the dream. And once he was back, I couldn’t wait to ask him how he did it.

Read Basil's Story



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