The One with the Four Interns

June 18, 2017 by Nilanjana Dey

February through May 2017 were very interesting times at Niswey. That’s because we were hosting four very special people, who brought with them some fresh ideas, new talents, and fun stories.

In February we were joined by Udeshna and Komudi, for a digital marketing internship. They dove into it headlong, learning a lot and implementing it across different projects. From SEO, to content, to social media, and email marketing, they made sure to try their hand at every aspect of digital marketing. Soon they picked up some serious pace, actively searching for projects where they could contribute. And they also picked up HubSpot Inbound Marketing certifications while at it!


Zeroed in on digital marketing as her chosen career and was here to get as much experience under her belt as possible. Always enthusiastic to get into new projects. Loves the thrill of balancing multiple tasks and completing each one to perfection. An amateur painter, shopaholic, and was our resident Game of Thrones expert.

And here’s a glimpse into her 14-week journey at Niswey.



A whirlwind of energy that turns into dogged determination and focus, when channeled into work. Fascinated by marketing and hence always looking for new projects to work with, new things to learn. She has taken on the additional role of the office jester, and always has a string of hilarious childhood stories and ridiculous facial expressions to keep us in splits.

Here’s a look at her digital marketing internship days at Niswey.

P.S. Udeshna has now joined us full-time as a digital marketing executive.

In April we were joined by Karthik and Sachit, from IIM Kozhikode, who soon came to be known as the IIM brothers. And before you ask; no, they were not actually siblings. They brought their superb research and analytical skills to get some fresh insights and ideas into two of our most critical projects. But that was not all. They also displayed some serious execution skills, learning everything they needed, to get the job done.


A dreamer who has his eyes set on the goal, and was here to make a mark. A Google kid who’s learning as much and as fast as he can, and made sure he got the job done. Technology and marketing are his two great passions and that’s how he brought dedication and a keen eye for detail to his projects. Bitten by the travel bug, long bike rides are his idea of fun.

Here’s Karthik’s take on his time at Niswey.



A desire to learn all about digital marketing is what brought him to Niswey. Working hard on several projects, we’d say he has learnt a lot, and then some. He’s all about taking ownership of his work and prefers to focus on one thing at a time. A Christopher Nolan movie buff, die-cast car collector, and a fan of German football.

Quick fact: All we talked about during his interview was football!

Here’s a look at Sachit’s stint with Niswey.

So, that was the story of four brilliant interns at Niswey. You can also check out Roopali’s digital marketing internship tales, who’s now back with us full-time!

But we would love to make new stories with you. That is if you are looking for opportunities in digital marketing, content creation, and business development. All you need to do is drop us a mail at