From an MBA in Finance to a Content Marketing Intern

January 18, 2019 by Simran Sakshi

Kisi cheez ko shiddat se chaho to saari kaynaat apko usse milane me lag jati hai

By now I must have created the impression of being an ardent “Shahrukh Khan” fan! Well, no offence, but I am a believer of the quote, rather than a devotee of the man. 

I was in Class IV, when the idea got stuck in my head. “I want to be a writer”, I said. I still remember my dad cheering me about it. I read plenty of novels, maintained endless diaries and would boast of my dream to anyone who would listen. But then, I grew up! And my choices ranged from being a doctor, to an engineer (the only two viable options back then), choosing science over commerce (see, Art was not even an option!) and finding my way through the monstrous competitive exams. 

Amongst all this, I ended up graduating with a degree in Bachelor of Business Management (BBM). And since I loved doing that, I went ahead with an MBA in what I thought I was made for, Finance. But life has strange ways of showing you the mirror. 

Deep down, I had always lived with the hope of becoming a writer. And one day while scanning through Internshala, I came across an opportunity of Content Writer Internship. It piqued my interest and I applied. I got two opportunities to give it a try, and I knew this was my calling!

How Niswey Happened

As a requirement for my MBA, I had to do a 6 months “on the job” internship at any organization. While I kept applying for the campus placements in finance companies, I was continuously searching for a content writing internship. For some reason, I felt if I got through this time, I would finally know if this was meant to be. 

One day, a suggestion popped out in my mail – ‘Niswey’. My first impression was made! I read about my role as a writer, Niswey’s flat organization structure, their team page and their culture. And applied. 

To be truthful, I felt I would not get it. That I would just have to be content with a system generating numbers in my cubicle. That financial and risk analysis was going to be my life. But guess what, almost too soon, I had a response.

Few questions, a skype interview and a content writing test later I was hired! I could sit and laugh with you now, that I was still sceptical if I was doing the right thing. But then I remember what Abhinav always says, “Ye right and wrong ka concept hi galat hai.” And a smile plays on my lips with Suma’s voice echoing in my head, “You will always make it right, no matter what you choose.”

So yeah, even though I did not have these mentors back then, I joined. Thankfully.

As a Content Writing Intern

I do not remember what I expected back then, but I got much more than I could think of. For someone with no degree in content or literature, I was accepted without any questions. Continuous encouragement, delightful learning sessions, and lunch time stories became a part of my everyday routine. Not many can boast about this, but for me work was fun. 

Amidst content and life sessions at Niswey, I guess it was tough to decide “What after this?” Although I had plans, I wanted it some more. Some more learning, some more experience, some more of this happy place.

And my joy knew no bounds when at the end of 4 months, Abhinav asked me if I wanted to join full-time. I don’t think I ever made a decision that fast in my life. Before I could think, I had said “Yes”. Perhaps there had been a yes all along. For reasons I am still unsure of!

Joining Full Time

Hi there! I am a Content Marketer at Niswey, having joined full-time two months back. You can find me on the desk by the window, mostly typing away or deep in thought about some story. I am a content person, you see. And I often see Nilanjana doing the same (so I guess it’s a thing about writers)! 

And while I can boast of all I that I have learned till now, there is still room for more. So if you are looking for a place to learn, to boost your growth, come and join us at Niswey. You may discover some lessons you never thought a workplace could teach you 😉

And if you are still not convinced, take a look at what I learned: