Moving into a new ‘wCentral’

November 26, 2013 by Vinay

Of course the natural question that comes to mind is “Why move at all? But I would like to make it clear that for this specific answer you might have to wait till our next blog post 🙂 sssh.. suspense! 

This all started with us compromising and giving up our weekends in the hunt for a new work place, requirements were quite clear: it should be in South Delhi, it should be close enough to a metro station and most importantly the place should be able to accommodate us. So, after some 7-8 attempts we were able to find a space which fulfills all these criteria.

You would have noticed that from ‘hunt’ to ‘target match’ I used the word ‘we’ – yeah that’s what we are, imagine how the property owners would have greeted us every time 😛

A little description of the ‘wCentral’ – that’s what we call it! The wCentral (workCentral) is a small, cozy place in Arjun Nagar area of Safdarjung Enclave, hardly 800 mtrs walk from the Green Park metro station and merely at 36 feet (48 stairs) height from the Reliance Fresh store (at the ground floor). By now you would have guessed that we are total health freaks 😉

Still have doubts? Hope this image would send a message worth more than 1000 words.


In wCentral we have:

  • A conference room – mCentral
  • A small kitchen/pantry – panCentral
  • A library area – rCentral
  • Main Work Area- genCentral
  • Balcony – viewCentral
  • Toilets – looCentral

‘mCentral’ – meetingCentral One of the busiest rooms of wCentral with plenty of discussions, con-calls and meetings going-on always. This is also the junction of different ideas bombarding on a same table which finally shape into a strategy.

‘panCentral’ – The name itself describes the kitchen/pantry of this wCentral, here you can find variety of eatables ranging from healthy foods (like oats, high fibre biscuits, green tea) to junk foods (like aloo bhujiya, creamy delights, chocolates, toffees etc.)

‘rCentral’ – readingCentral – Our small library consisting of books of different genres. These books are contribution of our team members. You will find books related to technology, marketing, literature and even autobiographies/biographies.

‘genCentral’ – GenHouse – Our powerhouse i.e. the main working area. You’ll find it quite different from other offices, it’s an open space without the restriction of cubicles ( yes we do have cubical syndrome/disorder :D). We all share the same joke over this hall and most of the times you’ll have to laugh even if you don’t get it, that’s what we call a team flavor 😛

niswey gen central

Another attractive thing about the genCentral is the colorful stickies around the hall, that’s the way we manage multiple projects/clients – Agile Methodology.

‘viewCentral’ – The balcony area of the wCentral, you’ll always find people attending client’s calls. People also prefer this place to take some fresh air with a cup of their evening coffee.

niswey view central

‘looCentral’ – This obviously doesn’t need any description but that’s the ideaCentral for some of our team members. The best place to be yourself and have an introspection, bringing out the best in you! People bring in some great ideas when they come out from this place so it is an equally important place for us 🙂

So, this is our own small wonderland where we do digital magic with our team putting in their best with an aim that we will grow big, we will grow strong 🙂 Sounds like the kind of workplace you’d like to be a part of? – remember we do suffer big time from Cubical Syndrome Disorder!

Still interested in joining this Niswey wCentral gang then drop us a line giving your reasons and resume at: careers[at]niswey[dot]com