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Nilanjana Dey

Season 1 Wrap-Up

Season 1 Wrap-Up

  The best part about embarking on a journey is when you get to look back on the road you have travelled and the amazing experiences you have had

Taking the Plunge – Episode 12

Did you ever have the thought of joining the film industry? Or do you dream of making it big in ‘Bollywood’?
podcastpower of community libraries

Of Books, Reading & Libraries for All – Episode 11

  Have you ever had your nose in a book, completely enamoured by the world bubbling inside the pages? Or did you always want to read but never found

All About Introverts – Episode 10

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of an introvert? Ever wanted to understand why some people just prefer being quiet, and find their

Understanding Mental Health – Episode 9

  One in four people globally, and one in seven Indians experience mental health disorders. When you really think about these figures, it doesn’t

Young and Driving Change – Episode 8

  As the varying systems of inequality and unsustainable practices come into sharp focus all around us, have you felt the pressing need for large
living sustainably

Living Sustainably – Episode 7

  How many times have you thought about ‘living sustainably’? Making solid changes in your lifestyle and consumption habits to help make the world a

(Un)Following Your Passion – Episode 6

How many of us have seen ‘3 Idiots’ or ‘Gully Boy’, only to dream of the day when we too will dare to quit our traditional jobs and follow our true

Through Challenges and Beyond – Episode 5

Ever faced a challenge or an obstacle in life that seemed too big to overcome? Find it difficult to adopt the right mindset when battling the